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Things To Know
About Getting A
Pap Smear

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What is a Pap Smear?

Purpose of This Booklet

Ten Steps to Follow
This is the most important way you can protect yourself from cervical cancer.

    1. Get regular gynecological check ups
    2. Know who should take a pap smear
    3. Know if you are at more risk and may need more frequent pap smears
    4. Know when to schedule your pap smear and how to prepare for your exam.
    5. Choose a reliable source of care
    6. Know what to expect
    7. Give and get important information when you go for your pap smear
    8. Know about the laboratory that will check your pap smear
    9. Before you leave the office or clinic, ask your clinician these questions:
    10. Obtain and follow up on your results